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Music plays in the style of Rock pop Quick Overview: Moscow FM broadcasts music in the style of classic rock (ballads, pop-rock songs), modern popular music as well as news in English. Listen to Radio. Contacts: №24 building #2, Pravdy St., Moscow, Russia 127137; E-mail: Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Moscow FM - English-language radio broadcasts 105,2 fm from the Russian capital. In the broadcast radio, you can hear about the historical places of the city, the museums and monuments, as well as institutions, will be curious to see tourists. Excursions sound data on the exciting events and exhibition venues.

FM Radio Moscow Russia

Information created a special project for all English-speaking residents and guests. Also, the radio wave will be of interest to people in English and students for practical support of linguistic form.

The primary audiences of the radio are foreign tourists and students, as well as English-speaking employees of companies with foreign capital.
News reports in English will be very useful to foreign guests. The ratio of broadcasting newscasts to musical compositions and songs = 1 to 4.

Music in the air English-language FM radio FM Moscow.
Solely foreign, predominantly English-language music is played on the radio station. Listen to classic rock (ballads, pop rock song) and popular music as well as news hit English songs. You will hear only the best songs on the radio Moscow FM.

On the life of the Russian capital. Basic information about the economy and listen to transport, power, and cultural events. Audio guides created by our reporters, voiced on radio to help you navigate and find the best restaurants, exhibitions, lectures and other interesting places - HIGHLIGHTs Moscow.
Recent Posts by meteorological centers of the weather. For information on the status of road traffic in Moscow and the presence of congestion - Weather and Traffic.
Where to go to relax? What concerts (classical, rock, musicals, jazz, etc.) will be held today and in the near future, learn by listening to the transmission - Shows.
Where to eat? In the wake of the radio sounds a lot of gear dedicated to delicious food and adequate atmosphere - good the restaurant and coffee shop, where you can hold a business meeting a tasty meal and relax - "Time to eat", "Moscow breakfast", "Lunch time", "Coffee break", "A shot of something".
Where to buy? Shopping - tell all about the new collections in Moscow stores, the opening of new boutiques and shopping centre. Shopping in the Moscow.
What to see? Cinema - film festivals and presentations of new films, information about the film shows in Moscow theaters.
Overview of Moscow Russian media The Daily RAG for foreign guests.

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To be informed of the capital. Moscow FM radio station broadcasts for all guests holding only English. Listen to the radio on the Moscow FM www.Bestradio.Fm live broadcast English-language station for you.

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