Music plays in the style of народные-песни 1970-80 1980-90 1990 шансон Quick Overview: Kuban Kazak FM radio broadcasts popular Russian, Ukrainian folk songs, chansons and a variety of entertainment, educational programs, news. Listen to the radio in a live online broadcast from Krasnodar. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Kazak FM Radio - Russian radio station broadcasting from Krasnodar. Regional radio promotes original semiabstract local folk traditions of the Kuban Cossacks, folk themes and folk culture of the region. The first session took place on 19.12.2011 radio broadcast year, this date is the birthday of Kazak fm.
In the air, you will hear interesting humorous, entertaining and social transfer and stylized music under ethnic songs broadcast concerts and festivals, exhibitions of folk art heritage, folk festivals.
Kazak FM - Walk soul!

Radio "Kazakh FM" Krasnodar, Russia.

Listen to famous Ukrainian and Russian ethnic songs performed - Kuban Cossack choir. Songs that will come to the celebration feast and reveal the full width of the soul of the Russian people you hear on FM radio waves Kazak. Subject stories about the history of the Krasnodar Territory pathetic decorated and are almost always truthful information (historical facts veiled). Chanson and popular retro music 70-80-90h treated and re-execute the local talented young performers. Kazak FM invites studio creative teams to participate in a live and promote folk art.

What programs are aired Kazak FM:
News releases about the events occurred in the Kuban - (07: OO - 21: OO).
Weather Forecast - weather reports and folk superstitions. - (7:03 - 21:03).
About crashes on the roads of the city - "To horse" (07: 3O - 2O: 3O).
Tips for gardening - "In the garden, whether in the garden." (6: 3O, 9: 3O, 13: 3O and 21: 3O).
Comic pop duo of the new Russian grandmother - "Rumors in the soup." (8:20, 9: 20,11: 20, 13:20, 15: 20,17: 20,19: 20 and 22:20).
How to sing countrymen - "Know ours."
Congratulate and upload greetings in the program - "Varenichki" (daily 12:00, 18:00) bodies studio - 8612 55-69-29.
Listen to funny jokes on Kazak FM - "Anecdote from Trigubycha"
Spiritual heritage and family values - "gospel" (6:00, 8:50 and 11:50).
Romantic Relationship for all unmarried, find your destiny, love and start a family - Matchmaker (Wednesday 17: 3O).
About national traditions of the region - "Good Neighbors". (7:45, 13:45 and 17:45).
Catch phrase, quote, their meaning (myths, journalism, folklore, literature) - "It's simple!" (14:30, 17:30, 22:30).
Learn the history of the towns and villages of the Krasnodar Territory - "In the cities and villages" (7:30, 10:30, 15:30 and 19:30)
The history and traditions of Kuban Cossacks - "Customs and Traditions" (6:45, 10:45, 14:45)
Strengthening of the Russian national political and linguistic advantages in the lands of the Kuban - "And you seen that this!?" (08: 3O)
People and destinies - "Cossack Gazette" (16:45)
Listen to the tale - "fabulous time" (21-45)
Songs and composition Kuban - "When the soul is singing" (6:05 - 07: OO)
Dancing with us - "Dancing in the Kazak FM!" Friday and Saturday (19.00 - 22.00)

Listen to the radio "Kazak FM" Free online live broadcast.

Monetization radio station organized at a high level, and each student will assess the amount of advertising in the air (after every 3-5 songs of advertising). Listen to FM radio online or fm frequency and get positive emotions from the sound of chanson and stylized folk folklore motifs, dancing and dancing. Listen to radio online free - Kazak fm. In the broadcast sounds chanson, folk Ukrainian, Russian pop songs of the Cossacks, and funny couplets.

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