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"Radio*Radio" (RadioRadio, RR) - Russian radio station broadcasting from Irkutsk (90.3), Belgorod (88.3), Nizhny Tagil (105.5), Surgut (89.0). Birthday of the radio station is dated March 24, 2010. A young team of leading journalists and radio DJs have a lot of actual changes and created a truly original transfer, because of this, and achieved great popularity.
Broadcasting station Radio*Radio created its new broadcasting format in which there is a predisposition to a particular musical style. Listen to the air can now all music styles and trends from the rock classic, retro, jazz, pop and club music even covers.

"Radio*Radio" Irkutsk.

There is no good music format - you listen to the RR.
Broadcasting carried out on the radio to FM and online forms around the clock 24/7.
In the air you hear the absolute hits of different styles of music and above all always on time - we will wake you up, and we will cheer. And the sound of good music will create a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of rhythm successful life. Cheerful leading their voices pleasantly pleased hearing the news of interest to tell the joke jokes.

Which programs are aired "RadioRadio":
HELP HOUR - notable guests, star presenters, interactive communication exclusive prizes in a hurry to do good. Mon-Fri - 12:00-14:OO Moscow time.

Two Robinson. Sunday - 12:00-14:00 Moscow time.
Listen and respond to our complex questions, because it sounds very interactive and educational programs. (8 (800) 333-31-64 (free in Russia)

Hit-Parade People. Friday - 15:00-16:00.
The first truly people's hits. Participants charts three songs competing for listeners via SMS monthly rotation on radio. Do you want to become famous, send your songs and your music. After the selection of dozens of applicants by voting in the social network VK - your song will sound in the air.
Send us your mp3, good studio-quality of at least 128 kbps on

As heard. Thursday 16: OO. Do you want to expand your musical horizon of values and to hear good compositions and new songs, we listen to every Thursday. Reception "they heard." Only steep tracks and betters foreign music.

Club Patrol.
Every day 21-00.
Leading DJ mechanic).
Listen to all the interesting and informative news of club life. Perfect club music for you.

Children look.
School of Arts - the young talents from the children's emotions musical compositions.

News from the cap.
Original and funny - funny news from Caps, shocking humor.
We take all the real news, chopped, thrown into a hat and randomly shuffled, then we pull out and read fun discussing.

Listen to "Radio*Radio" online, live.

Listen to your favorite programs and music in the wake of the Russian radio service using - listen to radio online!
RADIOStationRADIO in Russia received a well-deserved title of prize-winner of the Best 2015. Listen to the radio network a unique radio wave with an unusual format of music broadcasts - hit songs sound different areas of music for you to "RR".

Moscow 123001
per. Vspolny d.18 to 2.
Phone Live 8 (800) 333-31-64
The Moscow office +7 (495) 134-24-64

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