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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Modern songs + popular hits of past years are aired. Listen Vanilla Radio - collection of different music tracks sound for you.
Vanilnoe radio.
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Description Vanilnoe radio

"Vanilla Radio" - the russian Internet wave, with a delicious name translates worldwide, bestsellers and today's musical scene is innovative hit songs and sounds are woven together in the rotation. Birthday station dates from 01.09.2011.

Listen to broadcast around the clock 24/7 - Vanilla Radio - hits, and modern high-end collection of different music tracks, charts, news, entertainment and original thematic programs, listen to online broadcasting.

Vanilla radio audience.
The core audience is people middle-age period and active younger generation. For all who appreciate the quality of life by the number of vivid memories, all the people with the romantic nature of the dedicated work of our radio station. We translate the songs that you like and are the perfect background music, supporting in tone your mood. Feel the music - the rhythmic component life.

Which programs on the air?
Vanilla Women and girls - "Women's stuff '!
Are you interested in a healthy diet if you want to dress fashionably, and to learn about cognitive psychology and family relations, improving technique and gymnastics, listen -
"Ladies things" (recommended by the girls).

Vanilla Radio Guys and Men - "Men's Club"!
If you are a modern, smart, active and courageous, and you want to be in good health to be successful and beloved, listen to the program - "Men's Club" (infa men, all about sports, cars, bikes, pickup)

Vanilka employees - "Good night," melodic and calm composition.
Top of the best songs - Hit Parade. In the air, listen music about the vicissitudes tell - News vanilla.
All the midnight audience, "strawberry" symbolic 00:00 "Hour of Love" - the transfer of communication and romantic greetings favorite sound in the air.

Play Vanilla Radio
Music, songs and transfer that sound to you on the radio vanilla. Comfortable atmosphere created by the sound of music will help you to experience positive emotions. Down with the burdens of the day - Listen to the radio Vanilla!

11.10.2017 Vanilla Radio — RU
Слухати Ванільне радіо - українською
Слушать Vanilnoe radio - на русском

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