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Music plays in the style of 1990 2000 Quick Overview: SuperDiskoteka 90 listen to the best songs of the nineties hit from the popular artists of the unforgettable time. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
SuperDiskoteka 90.
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Radio 90-х SuperDiskoteka
A well-known media group Radio Record created bright musical special project SuperDiskoteka 90.
SuperDiskoteka 90 - the radio for those who love to listen to the best songs of the nineties. Favorite performers and groups who sang hit songs 90s again in the air.

Listen to your favorite music and songs on the wave - SuperDiskoteka 90.

Hits nineties sound and look like the best moments in life. Listen Superdiskoteku nice, a good mood when listening to you are guaranteed. Russian radio station is being broadcast from the city of St. Petersburg. The atmosphere is fabulous 90th captivate all audiences in the world's favorite pop songs.

The concert program Superdiskoteki covers all musical styles of songs that were popular in the 1990 - 2000-ies.
SuperDiskoteka 90 radio online
Shark (Oksana Pochep) Virus (Lucky Olga), Demo (Sasha Zvereva), Disco Crash, Ivanushki International, Irina Saltykov, Nancy, Hands Up, Tatyana Bulanova, technology, Paints, Dr. Alban, combination, Ace Of Base, DJ Aligator, E-Type, La Bouche, DJ Bobo. I listen to the music of 90th recalling the violent youth.

Radio online free listen to the sound favorite songs of the nineties. Superdiskoteki broadcast listening get positive.

11.07.2022 Radio SuperDiskoteka 90 — RU
Слухати Супер дискотека 90 - українською
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