Music plays in the style of Rock Rock-n-roll Quick Overview: FM wave "SVOE RADIO" listen live: popular compositions, the songs of Russian and foreign music. Good music is played on his radio FM. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"SVOERADIO" online - Russian internet radio broadcast from Moscow. The radio station Listen to good pop music from famous and young, emerging artists. Moscow radio station "SVOE RADIO" broadcasts online not only music, but also interesting current transfer that will please many listeners.

The list of programs that sound to "SVOE RADIO":
Dovecote, Chekhov gatherings, Living Program, "Who came up with, say," "These Stoppers" their addresses, desert flowers, crimson jacket and others.

His radio listening - music with a spoon to eat;)
SVOE-RADIO is an ambitious project that helps novice bands and artists to present their musical works for the evaluation of students in the program "Alive."
You dear listeners will always be glad on his radio. The best songs and compositions of Russian and foreign music presented for your listening live.

Presenters will delight you with interesting news and jokes bright cheer up. Listen to and evaluate and vote for each song you can use the ratings provided by users of Internet radio stations.

"Classic rating" of his - the vote on the site only for the song or composition.
"Overall rating" on the - is the use in the formula calculating the pros and cons.
"His catches" - a rating of "attention to the song" takes into account the discussion (more comments and likes - the higher position)

Listen to SVOERADIO for free - all translations are available for your listening on the Internet. Look anywhere in the world, "his radio"
FM Listen SVOERADIO you can use online service for listening www.Bestradio.FM - BEST Radio On-line.

"SVOE RADIO" is integrally musical delight for your ears to enjoy good music.

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Слухати Своє радіо - українською
Слушать SVOE RADIO FM - на русском

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