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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: Hitroe radio broadcasts rock music live listen to your favorite hits on Hitrom. All subgenres of rock you will hear in the wake of the hit - Sly radio. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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HITroe radio slushat  online
HitRoe Radio is an online radio station in the wake of which you can only listen to rock music. Best Rock Song and fresh rock compositions listen to radio on the sly.

Listen to music from Sly Rock live radio, you will hear all the different sounds of rock that exists in the world, ranging from alternative rock and pop rock to experimental and heavy rock.

rock radio - hitroe

The radio station was created 21.02.2005 year and this day was the start of a musical air and feast for all lovers of this style of music. Contraption - a project created by students who liked to listen to rock and lit up the idea of creating a database of your favorite songs to listen to the clock. Also, the company of like-minded from different countries have been gradually launched new programs and parades hits - "Tricky hits", "cult angle," "Night Talk", "People" and other musical and entertainment programs.

Listen HitRoe like you!
From the listener Sly 24/7 broadcast rock music that carries the rhythmic charge of vivacity and good mood. Listen radio contraption - offers Bestradio.fm using the player to listen located in the upper part of the site.
New items of rock music ever slip in broadcasting radio online.

Contraption radio, you can hear a variety of rock music: alternative rock, art-rock, garage rock, glam rock, grunge, Jay Rock, indie-rock, instrumental rock, punk-rock, pop-rock, psychedelic rock, rock, surf-rock, symphonic rock, softrock, heavyrock, folk, hardrock, experimental rock.

Music provided by radio wave from Belarus cause you to be alert and reveal your entire life potential health and positive thinking. Radio contraption recommend listening to everything.

HitRoe Radio 26.07.2015
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