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Music plays in the style of 1980-90 disco Quick Overview: Radio 80 turns in the rotation legendary songs Euro Disco foreign songs and compositions 80s. Here sounds the best electronic dance music Euro Disco and electro pop retro and Listen to the radio 80. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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80 Radio - the radio station, you can always listen to popular music was first recorded this song on the plates 80 and 90 in the disco and retro. Radio80 is a translation from the Russian city of Volgograd and positioning all the collections of music as Euro Disco. We are a nonprofit online radio waves, specially designed fans brightest foreign music style disco 80s. The radio station began its first broadcast in 2012 and still held broadcasting. Without interruption advertising listen - best foreign songs and compositions (now retro) electronic dance music presented to listen to the audience that remembers and loves to listen to the very well-known, their favorite music - Euro Disco.
When a rumor came the first notes of the synthesizer and drum machine oscillating rustling, and in addition a low bass impact, while the soul is happy, and only waiting for entry vocal artist with friends and family to heart and was humming the words.

What can be heard on Radio 80? The answer is simple - electro pop and disco.
Each melody and the song that sounds on Radio 80 listening nice because it is already familiar to you and bring a splash of mood and positive memories, and such artists and groups like: Modern Talking, Joy, Bad Boys Blue, CCCatch, Silent Circle, Kylie Minogue, Samantha Fox carried only joy and raised the tone of his creativity.

Turn up the volume and listen to your favorite Euro dance disco hits of the eighties. With our service you can listen to 80 songs clock given the magnitude of the rotation lists of songs on the radio.

80 Listen to the radio (Radio 80-90 foreign composition) online is very simple you only need to click on the start button your player to the music sounded in your life.

11.04.2018 Radio 80 — RU
Слухати Радіо 80-х - українською
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