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Music plays in the style of Rock Metal Quick Overview: NewFM a non-profit russian radio broadcasts songs and compositions: rock, alternative, metal, rap and electronic music without advertising 24/7, also have the option to add your song in radio airplay. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
NeWFM in UA.
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Нью ФМ радио слушать
New FM - online radio station which broadcasts live songs in the mode of non-stop and without advertising. Private and non-profit New FM radio to listen to suit everyone.

That can be heard on FM New?
Only the world's best hits deserve to get into our air. Here you can listen to pop music, rock, alternative, metal, rap and electronic. These genres are represented as so foreign and Ukrainian and Russian songs. Listen with dreams only selected new music and popular songs!

New FM radio station created his formula dreams, and actual thematic project will not remain indifferent to the fate of streaming radio online.

Viewed only advantages station - 100% commercial-free, hour broadcast, a good selection of songs and music. For all the artists and creators of music and songs have the opportunity to send your track or song on NyuFM and hear the opinion and evaluation of your creativity from all radio listeners (quality of 128kb / s, the size of the composition is not more than 15mb, in the rotation will be no more than 3 songs). In the information blocks listen forecast news releases and unique shows and programs: GoodMorning, Newstars, DJ Mix, NewsMusic, NewFMMusic, Weather, EvningEther, Nonstopmusic, Starsbio.
NEWFM radio online
Listen New FM - is to be informed and to listen to good music 24/7. Listen and vote creative work using a new Internet radio player - accessibility and ease of playing the live broadcast of your favorite radio, as well as artist name, song, see the tab that is playing.

07.04.2020 Radio New-FM — RU
Слухати НьюФМ радіо - українською
Слушать NeWFM in UA - на русском

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