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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Radio broadcasts the best slow romantic dance composition to create a pleasant atmosphere. Invite your partner and dance to in a couple of slow dance or just listen to the slow dance music on the FM Slow.
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Slow FM (Medlyak FM) - radio station originally from Moscow. Live broadcasts exclusively slow songs and musical compositions are created and adapted for a slow dance - Slowpoke.

Where to hear and what sounds to ballads FM?
The answer is obvious, on the radio sound only ballads. The development of radio stations throughout Russia already happening on a large scale in 52 Russian cities, you can listen to your favorite romantic slow music, and trust and radio listeners increased steadily conquering musical horizons of art.

Listen and dance a slow dance.
"Radio FM Medlyak" like minded listeners on a romantic wave. It is this radio station will help you with the selection of the best tracks for a slow dance. All the songs broadcast on radio only ballads - russian and foreign performers. Listen to your favorite music on the slow wave radio Medlyak FM.

Broadcast and sponsoring festivals, "Golden Ring," "Evening for those with 30", "Musical session" and a ball "White Dance 9".

Composition only delight the listener ballads its melody. Radio "Medlyak fm" listen online, you can use the site and also in a mobile format. Listen to your favorite music on the road and at home create a romantic mood.

11.08.2021 Medlyak FM — RU
Слухати Медляк ФМ - українською
Слушать MDL FM - на русском

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