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Music plays in the style of 1990 2000 Quick Overview: The radio station "Russian Hit" broadcasts songs from the 90s and composition - only in Russian. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Russian Hit.
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Русский Хит онлайн
Russian Hit - a young but well-deserved radio station began broadcasting in the World Wide Web 19 January 2012. The rapid pace of development has already allowed by May 2012 to overcome stage 1 million listeners per month. In Russian radio station Hit-sounding songs and compositions exclusively in Russian. The bright waves always hits on the air - from songs and songs ending with 90 years and have current day.

HITS Russian! Only good songs! We are proud that the largest number of users is selected Runet Russian Heath.
The main audience is radio - women aged 25 to 40 years
Слушать радио Русский Хит онлайн

Russia hit - the first Russian radio station that has its own technological development. This multiplatforma - promotes listening ether virtually any device connected to the Internet (Net receiver computers or laptops, smart TV, tablets, mobile phones and other devices).


Russian Air Heath available to listeners around the globe! Music and songs for all tastes.
The ability to use multiple options flow rate speech - Listen to the radio helps even at low speed channel data (internet). A different flow rates allow the station to include even with a slow Internet connection. Listen to "Russian Hit" to live broadcast broadcasting Russian-language radio station.

Russian Radio Hit
received certificate of registration as a radio channel. Published Roskomnadzora July 1, 2013, certificate number EL FS 77 - 54 587
Russian Hit listen online - favorite music and songs just by connecting to the Internet.
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07.04.2020 RusHit radio — RU
Слухати Рос Хіт - українською
Слушать Russian Hit - на русском

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