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Music plays in the style of Electro disco 2000 Quick Overview: The Goose Radio station will appeal to fans of multi-genre music. Here for you songs of foreign performers sound, there are remixes of completely unknown tracks. They also play old proven melodies from the Russian stage. The creators of the Goose recommend turning it on at rest or in the background while working. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Goose.
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What plays on Gus? Radio Goose will delight with new foreign hits by famous and completely unknown performers, often in remixes, as well as time-tested tracks, dilute the air with Russian production.
The Goose will charge with positive, it is ideal to turn on the background for work and on vacation.
What is playing on the RadioGoose
- In the mornings, Gus plays invigorating Dancecore, Hands Up and Happy Hardcore, in the afternoon - melodic Progressive House and Trance, Midtempo also shakes a little.
- In the evening Gus presents tracks in the Electro House style of his best years 2007-2009, then for you on the air modern Future House, Electro House, Complextro, Bass House.
- In the hours of the passing day, Gus will disperse the air with Speedbass, Hard Dance and Hardstyle.
- Goose on the night: Midtempo, Melodic Phonk, Progressive/Trance and Oldshcool Electro House.
What else is there? You can break into Goose's air by choosing the next track from a large database.

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27.07.2022 RADIO GOOSE — RUS
Слухати Гусь радіо - українською
Слушать Radio Goose - на русском

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