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Quick Overview: Radio August makes the greatest emphasis on the history of the life of his native city, the main past and future events in it, and the overall picture of the country and broadcast sports matches. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio August.
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Radio August "August radio" - a popular regional wave conducting broadcasting in the Russian city of Togliatti for nearly 20 years.
Listen to the radio in August citizens can, through its radio frequency 102,3 FM. In addition, this broadcasting station also covered the city Samara, Syzran Zhigulevsk, Dimitrovgrad and Ulyanovsk.

 That the air in August?
 Format station - information-musical. Broadcasting time - around the clock.
In his broadcast in August makes the greatest emphasis on the narrative of the life of his native city, the main past and upcoming events in it, as well as the overall picture in the country and live sports matches.
 It is here that residents of the Sverdlovsk region can follow the important match of sports games for the past 16 years.

 In addition to the information and sports filling ether, here, of course, there is the music. In particular, you can listen the best hits of recent years, as well as new music contemporary artists.
Luggage entertaining part of August is worth noting regular interactive games and contests that are so fond wave listeners, and its founders, in turn, does not deprive them of so much fun. Also, students are not deprived of love following transmission: sport radio magazine "Serge", one of the oldest programs wave "Ping Pong " analytical program "Let's see", and others.

 Daily entertain their listeners constant leading : Maxim Belov, Sergey Petrograd, Vladimir Svetlov, Glukhova Olga and not only.
Listen to radio online in August, having access to the World Wide Web, you can lyuoy with the planet 24 hours a day. All that is needed - to use the portal, which collected and available for free listening thousands of the best of world radio stations.

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06.12.2021 Radio August - RU
Слухати Радіо Август - українською
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