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Music plays in the style of dance pop Quick Overview: In the wake of the radio station sounds youth popular dance music from DJs with a worldwide reputation. Radio of Russia from the eponymous town Great Luke broadcasted on the frequency 102,6 FM and FM calls himself Luke. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Luki FM.
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"Luki FM" a popular wave FM radio station Luka broadcasts to the city of Great Luke and surrounding settlements.

 Listen Luke FM online you can go to our portal. If you're in the listening area, you also can enjoy the ether of this station on the frequency 102,6 FM.
The main motto of the station, under which she wins a radio listeners' hearts and open spaces, is: "Radio of our city."

Luki radio format - musical entertainment, indicative for today's youth. Desire to become a progressive youth station realized by a competent selection of tracks in their playlists. In the wake of the station you can listen to the most popular dance music of recent, years, new items from DJs from around the world and the latest hits western artists. This combination of musical styles - exactly what she wants today's youth, and this is the correct rotation policy for this station.

Apart from quality music content Luke FM can be proud of its achievements in terms of information, it is here, many of the guys gets the latest information about upcoming or past of events, major events in the city, etc. Also broadcast station diluted building blocks aka weather, horoscopes, red day on the calendar, etc.
And leading Luki Fm entertain listeners original copyright transfers of different nature.

There is a regular program of musical sound «AMDJS RADIO SHOW», «MADWAVE ON AIR», in which you will hear dance tracks of different styles, and "Three Pillars", in which the best examples of jazz, rock'n'roll and blues. Also popular program and congratulations greetings "Hottabych show", "non-random conversation" with studio guests and others.

You can from anywhere in the world for free - Play FM radio Luke online.

07.12.2021 Radio Luki fm — RU
Слухати Луки ФМ радіо - українською
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