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Music plays in the style of pop news шансон Quick Overview: Listen to FM radio broadcasts Blitz only Russian-language music, music, news and hits of recent years from Yoshkar-Ola. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Blitz Radio 2000.
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Description Blitz Radio 2000

Blitz FM - Yoshkar - Ola radio wave broadcasts in February 1, 2010.
Listen to FM radio Blitz can customize their radios on frequency 105.5 MHz FM-band. Sure you can catch a signal station within 60 km from the city.
The station's format - music and entertainment, as well as informational.

Musical content of ether - is the best hits of recent years and the latest trends of the music industry. Feature local playlists is that they consist exclusively with Russian songs.
Most often on radio sound track genres chanson, pop and retro. Also here are rotated even those songs on all radio stations have forgotten about. This quality management station boasts, and the audience loved her for it.

Target Audience wave - people older than 25 years with a confident and active lifestyle. FM broadcasting Blitz spends from 6 am to 2:00 am daily.
Live music station diluted regular news releases on various topics and territorial specificity, astrological forecasts, weather forecasts and other topics.
Also available in the arsenal of sufficient copyright wave transmissions. In particular, popular music program " Dance Marathon ", "Jig - Driga", "Shansonetka" transfer "Kinoshlyager", "Time of men" and others.

Entertained the audience with their voices leading Irina Karetskaya Natalia Diyanova Roman Gordeev, Olesya Shulzhenko and others.
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20.10.2017 Radio Blitz 2000
Слухати Бліц ФМ - українською
Слушать Blitz Radio 2000 - на русском

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