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Music plays in the style of rnb pop Quick Overview: First Yoshkar-Ola independent station in the FM-band, which broadcasts in 1995 - Pulse Radio Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Pulse Radio (Puls-Radio) - the first independent Yoshkar-Ola station in the FM-band, which broadcasts in 1995.
You can listen to the pulse at a frequency of 103.8 MHz.

 Station Format - Music and entertainment. Air time - around the clock. The motto of the waves under which it conquers the audience - "Radio of our city". And, indeed, broadcast stations are fully justifies its slogan. Here you can hear the most important news of the city, expert commentary on a particular occasion, private ads citizens, information on urban traffic and a lot of other useful information, without which the average listener can not imagine my life.

 Music on the radio pulse - these are the best songs of the last years, which are closely connected with the musical novelties. It sounds like a Russian and foreign content in virtually flat amounts. Results ether wave music can be heard in the local weekly chart "Top 20" with Roman Godeev. This is leading on Mondays offers listeners to try a new piece of music courses in the "Wine", which for some reason misses the rotation of most stations.

 Fans of hip-hop and r'n'b- music invited to the speakers during the author's radio transmission Teplova Paul aka Amaze Man «Tribal Sound».

 Besides these, Pulse-air radio diluted political and financial news releases regular horoscope, weather, programs at the request of students and other content.

Pulse listen radio online, being in the range of the Internet, you can point to any of our beautiful planet portal BestRadio.fm.

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