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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Radio with such a warm and summer called July broadcasts live on 98,2 FM frequency of the wave of Alexandrov Russian artists with songs and western artists, songs you have already conquered. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio July.
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Radio July - commercial radio station, which is broadcasting in Alexandrov, Vladimir Region and its area, which occupies more than one thousand square meters. km.

Listen to radio around July coating station with receivers at a frequency 98,2 FM.
Format aleksanrovskoy wave - musical entertainment.

 The musical part of the ether occupy playlists best songs end alien Goals, which blend harmoniously with the latest music industry. In about an equal ratio here are songs Russian performers and western artists, songs you have already conquered or have just started the best way to the top of the world charts.

Particular attention should approach the station's workers to the way news, in which priority is given to the narrative of the main events in the city of Alexandria. Here you can hear the most relevant urban information reliably and efficiently as possible.

 Besides the music and content in the form of regular news blocks, broadcast stations are also a variety of entertainment programs diluted and so-called Fitch.
Especially for our radio listeners in July to develop and implement LIVE more than ten exclusive programs that pretty much for ordinary urban station.
 Here you will find a constant on the morning show "Ordinary People" program "Evening aggravation" hit parade "The July dozen" category "Write letters," "Above the City" and Fitch "Stylish Piece", "Want to know more ?" "Record boom","Men of passion" and others.

Also often come to the studio radio show business stars, active urban affairs and just interesting people with whom to socialize and listeners.

Always a pleasure to listen to radio in July outside its coverage or no receiver can be on our portal, on which the best radio station in the world.

July listen radio online with us for free and have fun.

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