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Quick Overview: Music radio station broadcasting live RadioFresh fill the best hits of recent years with a focus on Russian-language music of different styles. Target Audience radio - young and energetic people who prefer to live at a pace hometown. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
RadioFresh - Avtos.
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Description RadioFresh - Avtos

RadioFresh FM - one of the most popular stations in the city of Irkutsk. It began broadcasting on more than 15 years ago - in April 1996.

Listen to the radio Avtos locals can at a frequency of 106.4 FM. Sure wave signal is also available along the coast of Lake Baikal, Angarsk, Arshan, Usole- Siberian, Shelekhovo and surrounding areas.
Juicy. Audacious. Your. FRESH RADIO

Live music fills the station the best hits of recent years with a focus on Russian-language music of different styles. The target audience of radio waves - the young and energetic people who choose to live at the pace of his native city.

RadioFresh is actively narrative of the main events of Irkutsk, as befits any regional wave. Besides the musical ether and regular news bulletins on AVTOs you can also enjoy copyright transfers, shows, music programs, and similar content.
In particular, in the morning for you work leading Natalia Demidova in the morning show"light show", motorists will like the regular program «ProAuto», domohazyayki be able to learn new recipes for unusual dishes in the program"cloth on the ground."
Also, every day you can find out the details of the lives of famous personalities in the category"Person of the day", to decide on the plans for the evening program will help you"City Lights,"which tells the story of the main events of the evening and night of Irkutsk. Those who wish to congratulate your friends and loved ones in a live radio station can send your message directly to the studio.

Evening broadcast on weekdays Avtos is a popular program about life and love"Evening Rendezvous", which is the leading constant Alain Kovrigina.

Together with us, listen to the radio you can Avtos free from any point of our Blue Planet.
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01.04.2018 RadioFresh FM - RUS
Слухати Радіо Фреш FM - українською
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