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Music plays in the style of pop news Rock Quick Overview: Russian radio station "Vostok Russia" live always listen to the latest news of the region and music - broadcast rock and pop songs online. News and music in the wake of the one and only station Vostok Russia. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Listen to the news Khabarovsk live Russian Vostok (Vostok Russia) - a popular radio station, which is considered only for the entire Khabarovsk.
East radio station you can listen to FM-band receivers at a frequency of 103.7 MHz in. Also regional station call sign can catch 76.5 AM.

In his speech information and music station makes a great accent is on the first part of its format - a report relevant information to the residents of Khabarovsk and the entire province.
The staff is listed many radio journalists attending major local events go live promptly convey useful information to its news service, and she, in turn, actually, we are . The main rule of the East - accuracy, objectivity and efficiency of the provision of the necessary material.

In news releases can hear information about many areas of cultural life in Khabarovsk, such as tourism, culture, economics, etc. Also, you can read the review of the regional press.
The musical part of the broadcast, which takes just under half of all time, filled with the best pop and rock songs.
Also worth special attention the unique design of the station Vostok "Our Music", which was the first step towards recognition has many performers. "Our Music" - a promising musicians a chance to make themselves known to the entire Khabarovsk.

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23.03.2022 Radio Vostok Russia — RU
Слухати Восток Росії - українською
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