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Music plays in the style of 1990 Quick Overview: Lemma radio live broadcasts music and songs of the legendary artists who have conquered the hearts of music lovers for decades, as well as new compositions sound of the music industry, professional presenters and qualitative copyrights broadcast, the show can be heard on the radio wave Lemma 102,7 FM and 78.3 FM
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Radio Lemma - popular all over Primorye radio station, which broadcasts from Vladivostok, you just listen and understand everything.

Listen to the radio with speakers Lemma your radio is possible at two frequencies - 102,7 FM and 78.3 FM.

The main emphasis is on the radio Lemma doing on information content for his employees and individual transmissions were repeatedly marked by popular prizes. In particular, the information service of the whole team has been named the winner of the competition "Together - Radio", which competed in almost all stations broadcast on the Far East. Local information service operates under the motto "It is important to every word," and, as we see, proves the correctness of his statements at 100%.

Here, as far on many radio stations regularly heard exclusive news, investigative reporting, live broadcasts from the field, interviews with famous personalities and a lot of other information, the inherent quality media. By the way, this wave is the only province that has its own staff of journalists. That is why she has become a leader in the information space of Primorye.

Of course, as with any other station, here the music. Special criteria for its selection is not here, so that you can hear a variety of songs, from songs of legendary performers who conquered the hearts of music lovers for decades, until the novelties of the music industry.
Also complement the author's radio broadcast, shows and similar content. The most popular programs are: "Fashion Story," "Hello in the afternoon", "Evening Bells", "motive", "Cheers" and others.

Listen to the radio online Lemma very easy and simple. All you need to - take advantage of our resource BestRadio.fm, which allows you to listen to thousands of online radio stations free of charge and without registration.

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