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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: Alex City Radio (Radio Alex) translates popular songs and good music, the well-known Russian and foreign artists, as you become a member of the original entertainment show with interesting thematic gears and informative news releases. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Alex.
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It’s a popular commercial radio station, conducting broadcasting in the Russian city of Alexandria and its region — station name Alex City. Listen Alex City locals are customizing their radios at a frequency of 88.5 MHz in the FM-band.

The Alexander ether radio Alex - a combination of popular music with entertainment shows, exciting and relevant information transmissions.

The basis of the musical part of the broadcast up - new and latest music, which is closely associated with the legendary song, and won the hearts of millions of music lovers around the world. The exit of a track in the light does not matter for local DJs: here you can hear an equal amount and composition of domestic and world-renowned artist’s songs. Here playing songs whose words know by heart and sing along!

In addition to a nice heart and soul music, radio Alex City has many more trumps, in particular, its author programs, shows and rubrics.
So, on Friday you will show «CRAZY FRIdAY SHOW», own weekly «FRESH CHART TOP-20" hit-parade every morning - show" Utrodzhin" and transfer"Live and travel", "Avtodrayv" and many others.

About the latest music news, scandals world of show business and similar news you can find in the daily program MuzNews, which is leading Henri Davydov. You can also order your favorite song and send greetings to their loved ones in the programs" Gene" and" Mobile contact".

Listen to radio online Alex City you can on our portal Here you can listen to radio online Alex free and without registration.

26.05.2021 AlexFM Radio
Слухати Алекс сіті - українською
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