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Music plays in the style of народные-песни Quick Overview: Tatar Radiosi radio broadcasts live songs and music from pop stars Tatar and popular performers. Also, listen to talk shows and original programming from Kazan radio online. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Tatar Radiosi.
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Tatar Radio

"Tatar Radiosy" - music and entertainment radio station that is broadcasting from the heart of Tatarstan - Kazan - on frequency 100,5 FM.

Broadcasting radio wave carries the Tatar language. Listen Tatar Radiosy online can since the start site of the same name - in 2010. Coverage covers virtually the entire wave of Tatarstan.

Feature Tatar Radiosi

Radio is his love for the music industry Tatar. That is why almost all the time the musical ether songs occupy prominent representatives of the Tatar variety, among which weighed Fetahova, Aygel Rehimova Veronica Kuznetsova, Alsou Ebelhanova, Ilnaz Bach, Arthur Salikhov Vildan, Lily Nigmetzhanova, Ryyaz Fasyyhov and many other popular Tatar artists.

Besides music, a lot of airtime this wave is given a variety of talk shows and programs. The highest ranking wave bring Shows: morning show " UML, Tartars!" Program at the request of "Kotlaular" hit parade "Kәef nichek" premieres new songs in the "Jana zhyr" and many other equally interesting copyright improvements.
Also regularly aired out information and educational programs that tell about the main sensations from different parts of the world, Islam, famous personalities of Tatar origin, updates modern technology and many other things.

Broadcast frequencies in the Republic of Tatarstan and Russian cities

  • 107.8FM Tyumen
  • 107.1FM Tobol'sk
  • 101.7FM Vyatskie Glade, Kukmor
  • 100.5FM Kazan, Zelenodolsk
  • 100.4FM Perm Region
  • 97.7FM Almetyevsk, Bugulma, Leninogorsk
  • 91.4FM Sergach
  • 90.4FM Chistopol, Mamadysh
  • 87.5FM Naberezhnye Chelny, Yelabuga, Nizhnekamsk
  • 67.7FM Ulyanovsk

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Contacts LLC "Tatar Radio"
Republic of Tatarstan
city of Kazan
index 420094
Street Golubyatnikova, house 20A
Number for sms: 5065 (put a space after the "Tatars")
Tel: + 7-843-5671335
Fax: + 7-843-5671341
WhatsApp: 8-9172-300800

18.02.2022 Tatar Radiosi 100.5 FM Kazan — RU
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