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Corn online radio began broadcasting in 2005. Since it is considered a major peasant radio in Russia, because it is the largest of the few stations in the country on similar subjects.

Listen to radio online Corn you can 24 hours a day on one of the largest radio portals in CIS A few years after the airing of the Internet radio Corn acquired its own radio network, which includes more than ten frequencies are available in the European part of Russia.

 In particular, the station conducts its broadcasting in the following cities: Makhachkala (106,2 FM), Armavir (100,4 FM), Saransk (104,5 FM), Stary Oskol (104,5 FM), Efremov (68,27 FM ), Tuapse (100,9 FM), Orekhovo (92,2 FM), Vyshesteblievskaya (99,9 FM), Zaraysk (70,55 FM), Arkhipo-Osipovka (107,6 FM), Anapa (105, 5 FM)
The main direction of the wave - the story of the agro-food problems and their solutions in Russia.

Here you can hear the views of rural industry experts on a particular topic, exclusive reports of Agricultural Journalists and more. Since the radio is part of the largest Corn media group in the agricultural sector "Peasant Gazette", broadcast stations get the most recent and relevant news agrarian orientation in the country and the world in general.

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