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Golos in Angara.
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Description Golos in Angara

Radio "Golos in Angara" is the first and only radio station, broadcasting and conducting city Bratsk, part of the Russian Federation.
The station was founded back in 1995, and since then it does not leave space radio hometown.

Voice Angara listen via FM radio receivers can be in and VHF bands at frequencies of 103.5 and 68.63, respectively.

Format radio - musical information .
Slogan under which the voice wave Angara crisscrossing radio-open spaces: "Always there"
Musical direction of the station — pop music and modern hot hits. In the same radio station can often sound like songs in Russian and foreign performers composition . Tracks are not popular styles rarely come on the air waves .

 Voice of the Angara has a very large data base . Thanks to cooperation with such news agencies as London Bridge Media Radio Service, TRC Germany "Deutsche Welle", as well as a number of Russian media, including Moscow " Mediastar " news service station quickly brings the listener to the most important and useful news.
The station is also actively cooperates with multiple city agencies, making it an indispensable informant for all residents of Bratsk.

Every day, their voices entertain listeners their favorite leading Ira Pavlova, Roman Kalina, Ruslan Tufts, Anton Safronov, Monakhova Anya, Olga Nazimova and others.

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18.02.2022 Radio Golos in Angara - RU
Слухати Голос Ангари - українською
Слушать Golos in Angara - на русском

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