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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Radiovolna "Pilot" from Tver, and live broadcasts the best songs of the past decade, with an emphasis on the work of pop artists, you will hear the hits of both domestic and foreign. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"Pilot" - City radio station from Tver, which has its origins in 1994. Wave began its existence under the name "M-Radio -Tver." Since 2007, the station conducts its broadcasting under the new brand.

Listen to the radio pilot in Tver possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the frequency 102,7 FM.
Station strictly adheres to the musical entertainment format. Music occupies 80% of the ether, the remaining 20 % takes information broadcast.

Musical content corresponds to the term contemporary music for adults: the air best songs of the last decade, with an emphasis on the work of pop artists. On the radio, you can listen to the pilot hits both domestic and foreign.

 The information content of the wave is focused on a report important news that are of interest to local residents. In addition, there is also not forget to mention the principal or just interesting news of the country and the world. Often live radio pilot can hear reports from the field correspondents, as well as a discussion of urban issues with experts and celebrity guests station.

In addition to news groups, in the data portion of ether also hold multiple transmissions. As it is a good radio, Pilot FM has in its repertoire morning show "Peep Show" program at the request of "Hour of desire", "WeekEnd and Dinner FM", own hit parade of the best songs of the week "Pilot Rating " and about 20 unique copyright transfers and interest groups listener.

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18.02.2022 Pilot radio TVER — RU
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