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Music plays in the style of 1990 pop Quick Overview: Radiovolna "First radio" broadcasts its musical songs and compositions from Krasnodar. Live you can hear the best hits of the 90s and today's from Russian and foreign performers. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
First radio Kuban.
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"The First radio" — a popular dynamic radio Krasnodar. Full name of the waves — "The first radio Kuban". Also, some students remember him under the old brand as"first popular radio."

 Listen first radio Krasnodar possible by adjusting the radio frequency 102,7 FM. Wave has a large radio network that covers almost the entire territory of the Krasnodar Territory. At the disposal of the station is currently more than 25 frequencies in the VHF and FM bands.

 The main slogan of the radio waves, under which it has been operating for several years, sounds like a "first - so the best."Music format station owners describe her as a radio for adults.

 This means that the radio"first radio"you can hear the best hits of the 90s and the current period. Regarding the origin of the songs and artists, here are trying to give airtime to a level number of Russian and foreign music content. The only thing here not hear the user, so it's not mainstream songs as the main criterion in the selection of the songs here is their popularity.

The information content of the ether - is represented here by regular news releases, in which the lion's share of his time to the major events in his native land. News items released every half an hour every day of the week except Sunday.

In addition to the above, on First radio is also possible to listen to a variety of transmission and entertainment shows. Several of them can not mention. This program "is not over yet", "friendly songs", "Personal Time", "Full-up" and many others. Also broadcast hold interactive games and exciting contests and the winners will receive valuable prizes.

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18.02.2022 First radio Kuban - RU
Слухати Перше радіо Кубані - українською
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