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"МАКС-FM" - radio station comes from the beautiful resort city of Sochi. First call sign now popular station sounded in 2007.

Listen to FM radio МАКС-FM Sochi residents are columns with their radios that adjust the frequency 107.4 MHz in the FM-band. As their frequency wave has in Krasnaya Polyana (105,1 FM) and the resort village Lazarevskom (107,1 FM).

In a relatively short time, the existence of Sochi station has managed to experiment with the format and learned to adapt to their audience. The first few years ether wave was designed for a young audience aged 15 to 25 years. But over time, the plant management decided to go to an older audience - " 25+". Naturally, it affected both the music and the entertaining broadcast.

 Most recently, radio "МАКС-FM" passed another test musical format by questioning his listeners. So, today on the composition styles Dance, Rock, R'n'B crouches about 60% of the musical ether, each of which takes about the same proportion - a little more or less than 20%. The remaining 40 % of the participants have decided to give their votes to the music, and proven by many generations - song of the Golden Age of the music industry.

Besides music content, live station is also replete with a variety of gears, programs, information topics and entertainment shows. Students deserve the most attention following the transfer, " Shaw bachelors», Maks Chart Show, «Garage", "Cheerful morning", «A-zone», «Black Friday» and many other equally interesting programs.
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