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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Za Oblakami radio will give you the opportunity to listen to all residents and also Kurgan online audience - the best hits of contemporary music with an emphasis on aviation subjects live ratio of domestic and foreign artists is approximately 1:1 Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Za Oblakami - the only radio station, broadcasting in conducting the Russian city of Kurgan.
Listen to the radio "Za Oblakami" can be customizing radio frequency 101.5 MHz in the FM-band. Catch Kurgan wave can also be in eight districts. The potential number of listeners of the radio - 60% of the Kurgan region, which equates to 500 thousand people.

 Starting from the title Za Oblakami, fm station has decided to focus its broadcasts on aviation subjects. Thus, the local team calls itself the "crew", listeners can win free flights by plane or helicopter, as well as skydiving, etc.
The musical part of the ether constitute the best hits of contemporary music. Also here are not rare and composition Authenticated many years. Earlier Radio Za Oblakami big emphasis was on creativity Russian artists, but over time the ratio of domestic and foreign artists came to live in 1:1. Also worth noting is that there is no twist teenage "pop" classics, hard rock and chanson.

Since radio Za Oblakami is the only urban station, its maximum payload of focus on the story of the life of Barrow and its inhabitants. Here you will hear the latest and most current information about the Kurgan and events in it.

Also," Aerie" ether is filled by different programs and topics. In particular, many listeners as possible near the speakers of radios collected during the life of the program stars "by ear", night music program" "Za Oblakami" morning show Daria Worldly. Also deserves special attention listeners local program "Business Lunch" and "Ultramiks".

Za Oblakami Radio can listen to online everyone who has access to the World Wide Web. As a tool for listening to your favorite online radio stations you will not find a better resource than Our simple interface and sound quality do everything to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite radio stations with ether free and easy.

18.02.2022 radio Za Oblakami - RU
Слухати Радіо за Хмарами - українською
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