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Music plays in the style of pop Rock Quick Overview: Radio station "Siberia" from Tomsk broadcasts the best youth hit songs in the style of pop, pop rock, rock - all bright club dance music radio broadcast. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Siberia.
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Radio Siberia - a pioneer of commercial radio stations of the city of Tomsk. Listen to the radio in Siberia citizens can VHF and FM-band frequencies 71.99 MHz and 104.6 MHz, respectively. Also conducts wave broadcasting in other cities: Krasnokamensk (102 MHz), Ulan-Ude (106.5 MHz), Aginskoe (100.9 MHz), Chita (102.6 MHz, 69.92 MHz), Zabaykalsk (103, 9 MHz), Bratsk (104.6 MHz), Omsk (103.9 MHz), Gorno-Altaisk (105.5 MHz), Novokuznetsk (98.7 MHz). In the near future the plant management plans to expand its coverage by 10 new cities.
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Musical direction
  Popular Siberian fm station is the most common trends in the world of radio - the best youth rotation hits of pop, pop rock, rock, dance music, etc. Air track meet as the world-famous performers and Russian and Russian-speaking artists.

Most popular music program on radio wave Siberia is its own hit parade called "Sib-chart". Every weekend (Friday evening and Sunday) by a vote of the audience here make the top twenty songs of the week.

Besides the music filling station Siberia makes a big bet on the informative part of the ether, most focusing on the life of the city of Tomsk. Here you can hear all about the upcoming major events or hear reports about many of them. A selection of the best events and stories about how they have been available to students every Friday and Monday in the " Weekend."

Also regularly broadcast station located author programs and these programs : morning show "Sandwich", "Crossing Europe", "Gentlemen of Fortune", "Current events", "Day by Day", "With a thought to life" and many others programs and exciting category.
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