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Krasnaya Armiya.
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Red Army - Tyumen regional radio station, which has become the undisputed leader among its competitors.
Listen to the radio, the Red Army in Tyumen can frequency 104,6 FM.

Face and voice of her station jingle is the frontman of the popular Russian band "Mummy Troll" Ilya Lagutenko.
 Musical content ether mostly Russian-speaking. Here you can hear the best hits of the nineties, as well as the present day. With the advent of a new collective musical director on the radio station has increased significantly the number of songs category Gold, ie time-tested and listeners tracks. Judging by the mass of positive feedback about the changes hams and continually adding to playlists "new - old" songs, the trend is gaining popularity in the broadcast station Tyumen.

 In addition to the musical part of the ether, the radio ratings are rising while also authored programs. In particular, it is worth noting the original program "Cinema FM", which satisfies the tastes of not only music lovers, but filmgoers, daily program about show business " Three Star" hit parade "Vybor_ka" live broadcasts of the best parties of the city on weekends, morning show "Freshness" and many others.

For the benefit of a good mood listeners tirelessly and vocal cords every day a team of leading and DJs, among which there are the following names: Konstantin Friedrich, Maria Kondratovich Ilya Cherniayev Andrei Romanov, Alexander Boulichev Daria Medynina Julia Bubnov, Fedor, and Maxim Tresk others.

In order to listen to the Tyumen best radio is not necessarily in the city, certainly - to have internet!)

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Listen to the radio, the Red Army on our website absolutely free and without registration.

16.10.2021 Radio Red Army music — RU
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Слушать Krasnaya Armiya - на русском

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