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Music plays in the style of news classic Quick Overview: Orfey radio broadcasts in its broadcast of music to avant-garde academic genres from different countries, periods and styles as well as a variety of programs, interactive shows, quizzes, news pleases exclusive inclusions journalists from Moscow. Sound here regularly news culture and is an active dialogue with the audience. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Orpheus - a Russian state radio channel classical music. First classical radio callsigns heard in the air in 1991.
Listen to radio online Orpheus you can anywhere in the world, as well as in Moscow at frequencies 72.14 and 99.2 FM.

 Musical content make waves compositions that cover all music genres from the academic to the vanguard of the different countries, styles and eras. Of contemporary music you can hear the broadcast from both Russian and world concert halls. In addition, there is also often possible to hear conversations with representatives of the cultural industry in the country, interesting interviews, discussing the problems of art, etc.

Besides the music filling ether also dazzles various programs, interactive shows, quizzes, exclusive reports journalists. Sound here regularly news culture and is an active dialogue with the audience.

"Radio Orfey" was created to promote and popularize classical music among young people. Since the founding of the station is representative of the country as a UNESCO classical music orientation. Moreover, the jury of the popular places in the competition under the auspices of UNESCO "International Rostrum of Composers" always occupied by representatives of the Russian radio station.

At the moment, you can listen to radio Orpheus clock, also from the recent wave of lead time to broadcast on the Internet.

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18.02.2022 Radio Orpheus — RU
Слухати Радіо Орфей - українською
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