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Music plays in the style of Rock pop Quick Overview: Taxi FM radio fill the musical part of the ether time-tested hits the world and domestic stars working in pop and rock styles. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Taxi FM.
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Taxi FM - young Moscow radio station, conquering his listeners under the slogan "Always lucky".

Listen Taxi FM Muscovites can customizing their radios to the frequency of 96.4 FM. All other radio amateurs can listen to FM Taxi online.
His "lucky" broadcasting already pretty popular station began not so long ago - June 7, 2011. The success of its broadcasting is not accidental, because it deals with the market launch of the team, which at one time was swept up to the heights of popularity and Love Radio Radio Dacha.

Taxi FM holds musical entertainment format and does it very well, judging by the reviews, many forest ordinary listeners in the network. Basically, the musical part of the ether plant workers fill the time-tested hits the world and domestic stars working in pop and rock styles.
Common feature is the sounding of the Russian performers. By the way, the first song, which was performed on Radio Taxi FM became famous song Mikhail Boyarsky "Green-eyed taxi", which, no doubt, had a double-digit sense.

Music playing on the radio, designed for people who love the "mood of the road " as they say members themselves about their child.
In addition to musical content, Taxi can also listen to FM transmission fascinating and informative column. «Taxi Blues», «Music Patrol», «Book hour», «Taxi Compass FM», «Taxi to order», «History of the Moscow streets», «Transmission», «Popular Mechanics» - all of these programs, only a small share of the total arsenal station. Also, do not forget about the news here, telling about sports, politics, posters and many other cities.

Listen Taxi FM online is very convenient by using our online radio portal Very easy interface, excellent sound quality radio callsigns and joy you chat with other users of the resource are doing everything for your comfort and mood.
Listen to radio online on very easy and pleasant.

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Language: Russian
Office Address: 127299
Bolshaya Academic, 5a.

TaksiFM Office: +7 (495) 925 33 17
Fax: +7 (495) 925 33 21
Studio: +7 (495) 925 49 64

07.04.2020 Radio TAXi FM — RU
Слухати Таксі ФМ - українською
Слушать Taxi FM - на русском

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