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Radio Sport FM — is one of Moscow's best radio stations devoted to sports subjects. His work still wave began June 7, 2006.

Listen Radio Sport in Moscow can be at the frequency 93.2 FM. Following recent changes, namely merger wave in the European media group, the station plans to significantly expand its coverage, using the frequency of the regional radio station "Radio Overview". Thus, the service area will include about 20 Russian cities. Sports also plans to get its frequency in Kazan and Krasnaya Polyana.

As you know, esters sports radio station focused on sports in any form. It absolutely can hear about the main events in the world of boring golf, hockey harsh, we all loved football and many other sports.

Besides the latest sports news, live broadcasts of important matches and similar information on radio Sport you can also listen to some 60 columns copyright and gear.

The most popular programs: morning show Roman Vagina "Yo- ho-ho and a little Roma", "Conspiracy Theory" with editor Nicholas Jaremenko station, "Children's sport", all of the Latin American football Igor Kitmanovym "Beyond the Ocean ", "Hockey new World", "In the rhythm of the dance" and many others.

Also worth noting that among the many leading and part-time and scorer, you can find the names of well-known journalists and commentators as Vladimir Stognienko Alexander Kuzmak, Nobel Arustamian Sergei Danilevich Michael Polenov Chaushyan Stepan and others.
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16.10.2017 SPORT FM Moscow - RU
Слухати Радіо Спорт Москва - українською
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