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Music plays in the style of Rock 1980-90 1990 pop Quick Overview: Zenith radio broadcasts songs and music tumultuous '80s and '90s harsh and rock and pop music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Zenit 89.7 FM.
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Zenit - radio hails from St. Petersburg. First call of the waves sounded October 20, 2007.

 Listen to radio Zenit St. Petersburg can be on your radio, tune it to the frequency 89,7 FM. In addition, the wave carries broadcast satellite (All-Russian base package Tricolor TV and NTV Plus satellite Eutelsat W4), as well as online. Listen Zenit online can since 2010.

Zenit radio adheres explicit information and conversational format with a small proportion of music in the air.

 The main focus of its broadcasting Zenith does just for information and entertainment part. First of all, the founders are trying to convey to his case all the important events in his hometown, talking about past events and warning about the future, which in any case can not be missed. And also telling about the general picture in the city, including all possible aspects: politics economics, cork, showbiz and more. Important role here also hold sporting events and news. During its existence, became a kind of radio Zenith city guide for thousands of people.

Besides information and news columns, which sound very often here, the wave has left many gears, to be precise, they are about 40. Starting with programs dedicated to football and hockey broadcasts, interactive talk shows and entertainment ending with morning and evening drives.

Music on the radio Zenith:
Musically here give preference hits rock and pop styles, as well as the ever favorite song Russians times tumultuous '80s and '90s harsh.

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Слухати Зеніт ФМ - українською
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