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Music plays in the style of news 1960-70 музыка 70-х музыка 80-х музыка 90-х Quick Overview: Russian radio wave broadcasts songs entire playlists best tracks artists music from the 60's and 90's, creating in the style of pop, rock, jazz, blues compositions hear live Radio Russia. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Rossii.
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Radio Russia - state central station of the country, which is broadcasting from Moscow.
Listen Radio Russia can residents across the country to more than 1,100 regional frequencies. First station call letters sounded December 10, 1990.
More recently, you can listen to Russian Radio Online.

 Format of the station is very original and versatile. It can be described as a collection of information, scientific, educational, social, political, literary, dramatic, musical and children's sizes and lead. It is this trait makes a special and original wave.
In the amount of programs to compete with Radio Russia can not none of the Russian station. We offer more than 170 ! They all copyrights, original and, as they say, with a twist.

 Music filling station - it playlists best artists tracks 60 - 90s, creating in the style of pop, rock, jazz, blues... By the way, on Radio Russia out regular transmission Boris Grebenshikov called " Balloon", tells the story of Russian rock and its representatives.
Also musical theme here devoted many programs, among them: "Dr. Blues", "Music with Dm. Dobrynin", "When there is no jazz," " infinite approximation", " In our harbor came the ships", "Music - hall" "Meeting with the song", "Exotica", "Unknown about the famous", "Journey Beyond Three Seas", "Baroque practice" and others.

Also pay attention to the many children's programs on the radio station, as well as literary series and auditions, who take great popularity, won a special place in Russian Radio Broadcasting.

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