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Music plays in the style of news pop Rock 1970-80 1980-90 1960-70 Quick Overview: Finam FM radio station broadcasts news and updates and live classic rock sounds of 60-80s, which makes radio wave maximum attractive for people over thirty years. Finam Fm is the actual information and music of the youth. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Finam FM - information-musical Moscow radio station, which broadcasts in the Russian capital in February 2007.

 Bright ideology makes return to radio waves and again Listen Finam FM, and in Moscow can be at a frequency of 99.6 MHz.

The main emphasis in its broadcast Moscow wave makes to supply news and relevant information. News items about life in the city, country and world events sound here every 15 minutes.

 Finam FM Listen online can be from 2008 to the present day. Air metropolitan waves often heard many programs. Are the most popular and, accordingly, raise their ratings wave following programs: "In your own words", "RUnet today", "formula right," Real-time", "Summary of the day", «Archaeology», «FM-Dostoyevsky», "Golden Square" "The business plan for the weekend" and many others.

 The most talented representatives of the copyright department station, as well as leading in combination are: Natalia Metlina Maxim Spiridonov, Dmitry Levitsky, Mikhail Morozov, Oleg Dmitriev, Artemy Troitsky, and many other professionals.

 Unlike most Russian radio information Finam FM radio does not forget about the music filling their air, making playlists suited their audiences. Founders wave prefer quality classic rock 60 - 80s, which makes it the most attractive for people over thirty years, since it includes everything you need: current information and music of the youth.
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