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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Radio station Vesti FM radio wave information which is simple and easy to listen to recent news items, every fifteen minutes past and current news a wide variety of topics from the world of economics, politics, show business before the events in the country and regional news live on Vesti FM radio Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Vesti FM - Russian news station, part of the media holding RTR (Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company). Broadcasting wave began in early February 2008.

Listen Vesti FM may in many Russian cities with their home radios. Frequency broadcasting in Moscow - 97.6 MHz.
Format radio - News / Talk. Air Vesti FM sound is always fresh and relevant news a wide variety of topics from the world of economics, politics, show business before the events in the country and regional news.

Catch everywhere and always manages to radio through the largest state of such radio journalists in Russia. For example, in the state of working reporters, whose names have long been hearing Russians Inga Yumasheva Andrew Yegorshev Maxim Kononenko, Vladimir Solovyov Valery Sanfirov and many others.

Broadcast Vesti FM radio:

Moscow FM 97,6
St. Petersburg FM 89,3
Vladivostok FM 89,8
Vladikavkaz FM 106,3
Volgograd FM 106,8

 The most recent news items on the Vesti FM sound every fifteen minutes. Besides dry factual material, there is also often heard expert assessments of various thematic sectors that elevates information wave to the heights of excellence.

 News — it's not all that can give information to its listeners wave. There is also a regular sound programs of different nature.
 The most popular transmission "Glavradio", "outdoor kitchen", "Vesti-24", "Morning overclocking", "Internet cafes Sob@ka", "Morning with Vladimir Solovyov", "Economic recovery Alexander Kareevskim", "Tell me frankly", "Avtorazborka", "Another conversation" and others.
In order to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the world and the country may not necessarily be near a radio, because you can just listen to Vesti FM online.

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