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Music plays in the style of news Rock pop 1980-90 1990 2000 Quick Overview: Mayak radio station broadcasts live good music - modern rock, pop and rock songs of youth, as well as many positive, informative and interesting programs. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Mayak Radio.
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Radio Mayak - one of the largest Russian radio stations. First call of the waves sounded very long ago - in 1964.
 Listen Radio Mayak in Moscow fashionable frequency 103,4 FM. Also, using the radio one of the oldest waves can be caught in most Russian cities and abroad.

 Musical content radio stations Mayak - modern rock, pop-rock music and youth, through which management wants to "rejuvenate" the potential audience for his listeners.
Besides music, fm radio Mayak also attracts the attention of an abundance of the most diverse and versatile gear. Altogether there are about 20.

 So, on weekdays for you sound transmission, "Timon and Pumbaa", "The Beginning" with Gia Saralidze "Polkino" show Michael Fischer, "Program F" Sergei and Alexei Stillavina Veselkina, "Ivanov" Maxim Kovalevsky Oleg Savelyev and Natalia rustle, Nicholas and Marina Serdotetskogo Kravets "First Squad" show Seeds Seagulls "Seagull", "VaLenki show" Vadim Tikhomirov and Lena Batinovoy "Sports Channel ", "Prevention" Anatoly Kuzichev, Alexei Polyakov and Ilya Savelyev, "Old School with Mitrofanova", "Profiteroles" Vera Kuzmina and Eugene Stakhovsky and others.
Designers also shop leaves his radio listeners on the weekends, working hard for our and your good mood.
"Russian Geographical Society", "live until Monday" with Charles Alexander and Olga Kokorekin, "Man and Woman" with Oleg bit and Alina Snezhina and not only - all this can be heard on radio wave beacon even in the great feasts.

 Listen to "Radio Mayak" best online with us because it is easy, free and safe. Be informed of all developments, Radio Mayak can listen live online at Bestradio.FM

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