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Music plays in the style of pop Rock Quick Overview: Live radio Maximum filling rock and pop-rock compositions of foreign and domestic performers. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Maximum.
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Radio Maximum is the first Russian-American radio station. Broadcasting is now one of the most popular rock waves beginning in late December 1991.
Maximum can listen to the radio in 20 Russian cities. In Moscow, in particular, the station conducts its broadcasting on frequency 103.7 FM.
The musical part of the ether waves fill popular rock and pop - rock compositions of foreign and domestic performers. For a long time the existence of maximum repeatedly changed its concept, but after going all the experiments, it has remained a favorite for millions of radio hams.

 Today remains the leading Maximum wave of competitive stations that give their air pop rock.
 It often sounds like the latest songs from the genre of young performers and legendary songs from no less than the legendary people of the world rock scene. Listen to your favorite online radio wave in good quality on Bestradio.

Listen to the radio using the maximum analog receivers can be in cities at different frequencies:
Bely Yar ( Surgut ) FM 106,4
Voronezh FM 106,1
Kaliningrad FM 106,4
Moscow FM 103,7
Tula FM 106,4

Aired radio Maximum
 In addition to music, the radio station sound transmissions interactive information programs and interesting topics.
Mark is the most successful and popular of those who passed the test of time and the change of leadership, still remained afloat. One of the most popular programs is the wave of "Hit - Parade Two Capitals", a weekly selected the top twenty songs.

Also considerable popular on Maximum transfer from musicians popular Russian rock band Bi-2 Leva and Shura "Biology", where the guys talk about music groups and their work, the results of which with some reason not to fall into the radio charts.

Listen to the radio online Max with us - best radiotranslyatorom and always available as well as convenient, but also really free.

Everyone knows that to get satisfaction from the good music that translates interesting radio always nice advise all - listen to online radio Max.

22.02.2022 Radio Maximum — RU
Слухати Максимум - українською
Слушать Radio Maximum - на русском

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