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Music plays in the style of pop 2000 Quick Overview: Chocolate radio broadcasts live modern hits and songs of the 2000s, with pleasant melodies and romantic lyrics and a potential audience of listeners - female. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Chocolate 98 FM.
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Radio Chocolate - young Russian radio station, began broadcasting in late December 2010.
Listen to the radio Chocolate in Moscow can be at a frequency of 98.0 MHz, which previously held its broadcasting station Cinema FM.

Who takes the sweetest musical dreams? Yes it is - Radio Chocolate!

Chocolate feature.
 The main feature of the radio waves "Chocolate"is its potential audience of listeners, namely women. The musical part of the ether is filled with contemporary hits and songs of the 2000s with a nice melody and romantic lyrics. For almost two years of its existence the radio was able to acquire a pretty decent core of their regular listeners, but as they say, soon may cease its existence, and its a very good pass rate to no less popular Radio for two.
But whatever it was in the future, today the station is operating at full power and gives its listeners only positive emotions.

Transmission on Chocolate.
Also like the female audience station various local programs. Special place in the description are the following transmission : "Choco Dam Show,""Point G», «critical day», Latino Party «Choco Senorita."Also not to mention at least some of the most interesting and exciting topics for women on Chocolate. Thus, purchases and fashion you can find under the heading "object of desire "for leisure and tourism - in "Suitcase mood" of the culinary arts and restaurant - in the "always ready," and not only.

 In addition, hourly Chocoradio gives its listeners issues radio versions of popular women's show, "Women's League" and «Comedy Woman».
Chocolate listen radio online with us online - regardless of location.

 Listen to your favorite radio station this process is convenient and absolutely free so enjoy positive music. Listen Radio Chocolate online at our website is always simple.

22.02.2022 Chocoradio — RU
Слухати Шоколад 98ФМ - українською
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