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Quick Overview: Children's Radio broadcasts music and programs specifically designed for the development and establishment of knowledge of the world for children of all ages. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Children's Radio Moscow.
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"Children's Radio" was a pioneer in the world of radio - open spaces, which works for the colors of our lives - for children.
You can find and listen to radio online and Children and by satellite broadcasting since 2011. And the old fashioned way, that is, using radios, radio fun children can enjoy the kids in more than 20 Russian cities. For example, listen to the radio in Moscow Children can be at a frequency of 96.8 MHz.

 As you know, children's radio format has no analogues. All the ether waves aimed at the development and enjoyment of children. Schedule ether rigged under most ordinary schoolboy: morning block is designed for children of junior classes, as well as small fidgets that wake parents with early morning, day programs interested in kids older than seven years, in the late evening in a special unit has been broadcasting for the parents, and at night plays peaceful music for sleep.

Popular children's radio transmission.
 Among the many programs "Children's Radio" is worth noting those that bring the greatest station ratings. These are: musical show "Dancing on children's radio", "The Morning Show", "Around the world ", "In a country of literary heroes", "Netihy hour", "We are talented "and many others. Only been broadcasting for more than thirty different programs and groups for children and preschoolers, as well as several useful programs for adults, including such as "Family Doctor"and "Adults Only"

All the leading news and entertainment programs are professionals - leading, knowledgeable experts in child psychology and education of children, making this a useful tool for the station further education kids.

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