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Music plays in the style of 1990 2000 pop шансон Quick Overview: Melodies and songs from different time zones. Listen to a typical radio. Music of the present and the past. We are fun and entertaining, we remind of young years and adolescence with beautiful melodies of dance songs. Listen to the radio radio dance music of the 90's, 2000's and modern pop songs. Music from the carefree past knocks on you in the speakers, headphones. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Tip FM radio.
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Tip FM internet radio

The opening of the radio took place on February 10, 2016. After the first broadcast, many listeners liked the radio station. A good choice and many styles / genres of music sounds in online rotation. Original and sociable leading. Presence of author's programs and music programs. Adequate prices for the placement and rotation of music content for authors. Rotation of your song on the radio costs only 500r per month.
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List of performers on the radio:

  • Alan Walker
  • Alok. Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba
  • Alvaro Soler
  • Azuro feat Elly
  • Ben Delay
  • Doni feat. Sati Casanova
  • Eldo
  • Eric Saade feat. Gustaf Noren
  • Evelina
  • Lx24
  • Oxford (Ox4d)
  • Radio Record
  • Rita Dakota
  • Russell Ray
  • The Chainsmokers (and Coldplay)
  • Zvika Brand Feat. Mc Chubik
  • Andrey Lenitsky
  • Bee
  • Valentina Biryukova
  • Witold Petrovsky
  • Vladislav Ramm
  • Diana Shimanovskaya
  • Ekaterina Lavinina
  • Elena Terleeva
  • Jasmine
  • Irina Allegrova
  • Irina Krug And Viktor Korolev
  • Cassette
  • Katia Lel
  • Lena Bigus
  • Leonidych
  • Malbec & Suzanne
  • Natalia Gulkina & Roman Zhukov
  • Natalia Vetlitskaya
  • Nafisa Starkova
  • Nikita Lomakin
  • Ruslana
  • Sati Casanova
  • Sasha Santa
  • Sergey Rossi
  • Tatiana Chubarova
  • Tina Karol
  • Florida
  • Eduard Gil
  • Element

Programs and broadcasters on the air:

  1. Alexeev A.
  2. Danya DJ
  3. Neznaykina Yu.
  4. Music Non Stop
  5. Queen T.

Music styles on the wave of radio:

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Electro-House
  • Hard Dance
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • Jazz
  • Instrumental music
  • Metal
  • Hip-hop
  • Shanson

TIP FM Internet radio Russia
Listen to Tip FM radio online live. Good channel of sounding 128 kb/s. Your favorite music is available by radio service Bestradio.FM
Contacts of radio station TipFM:
Country Russia
City: Shchyolkovo
7 (925) 070-63-28
Communicate voice chat
8 (926) 761-93-65

24.06.2022 Radio TIP FM — RU
Слухати Типове ФМ - українською
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