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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Primorskaya news radio wave from Vladivostok. A modern company uniting several mass media. News releases about events in the country and abroad. Interesting cognitive, author's programs. Recognize instantly and the first about all events and incidents listening to the most fruitful news radio station. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Vesti FM Vladivostok.
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Description Vesti FM Vladivostok

Radio News: Primorye

News radio from the Far East of Russia. The first output on the air is dated 1.01.1926 year. Listen radio Vesti: Primorye online. Always operative news releases on a 24-hour radio broadcast. The latest information about the events in our country and the world. Pleasant popular music performed by Russian musicians will smoothly dilute the news broadcast.
Top news of Vladivostok and Primorsky Territory - Vesti FM

Radio broadcasting channels of mass media companies in Vladivostok:

  1. Vesti FM - 89.8 FM
  2. Radio of Russia - 102.1 FM
  3. Radio Mayak - 88.8 MHz
  4. News: Primorye

The TV channels of this company:

  • East 24
  • Russia 24
  • Russia To

Programs and shows on the air

  • Mobile reporter
  • Pulse
  • Science 2.0
  • Events of the week
  • Primorye day after day
  • Music for You
  • You will come in handy
  • The summer question
  • Dialogues about culture
  • Children's news
  • Closed city
  • Interview
  • Neighbors on the planet
  • Music project Icebreaker - news about the performers and groups of Primorye
  • A special look of Andrei Ostrovsky
  • Advise, the doctor
  • The word to the prosecutor
  • Neighbors on the planet
  • Happy Hour on Radio of Russia
  • Expo-news

Vesti FM Vladivostok
Radio News Vladivostok Primorye on the air. Quality sound throughout the world. Russian news is available to every listener.

Contacts of radio station
Country Russia
Vladivostok city
Primorsky Krai
Street: Uborevicha 20a
Postcode: 690091
Phone of the studio: 8 (423) 2264349
Send your news on the air of the radio station - +7 (914) 076-47-77

03.09.2019 Radio Vesti Primorye 89.7 FM - RU
Слухати Вісті Владивосток 89.8 ФМ - українською
Слушать Vesti FM Vladivostok - на русском

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