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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: We present you the "Sputnik" station. If you are a fan of diversity and cannot imagine your playlist consisting of one style of music, this is the radio for you. Listen to music from different directions and countries, interesting historical facts, astro forecasts and much more. In addition, the radio station holds themed evenings dedicated to a specific artist or group, for example, the legendary Queen.
Sputnik 105.1 FM.
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Description Sputnik 105.1 FM

Radio Sputnik Volgograd

Listen to classic music of the genre and legendary performers, as well as music from different directions and countries of the world. Romantic evening music will raise your spirits and give a wonderful end to the evening, and energetic morning music will charge you for the whole day and will give you inspiration.

Artists and bands that sound on the radio Sputnik 105.5 FM

  • Sting
  • Queen
  • Enigma
  • Robbie williams
  • Indaqo
  • Savage
  • and other foreign and domestic performers.

Radio Sputnik 105.1 FM Volgograd Russia
Listen to the radio Sputnik Volgograd, and you can follow the schedule for broadcasting on the website of the radio station.
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Contacts SputnikFM:
Country Russia
Volgograd city
Index: 400131
Kommunisticheskaya street, 19D
2nd entrance, 6th floor
Tel: + 7-8-442-526-244
e-mail: info@sputnikfm.ru

22.09.2020 Radio Sputnik FM Volgograd — RU
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Слушать Sputnik 105.1 FM - на русском

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