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Music plays in the style of pop dance 2000 Quick Overview: Foreign music and songs of Russian Russian performers. News, interactive entertainment programs and shows. Funny and wise, funny radio presenter. We create a cosiness and an atmosphere of friendly relations, we always listen to our listeners. Young talents of Novosibirsk perform their musical creations on the air of their favorite city radio station. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Listen Uniton radio Novosibirsk 100.7 FM

"Radio of our city"

In the beginning, the radio station started broadcasting on 6.12.1995 on VHF frequency of 100.7 FM. And today you can listen to Unite in Novosibirsk and the surrounding cities in the district more than 120 kilometers away. Popular hit music, the top song of the worldwide musical charts, listen to Radio Uniton.

Listen on the air of Uniton radio such programs:

  1. The First Morning Show (PUSH) started from 7 am to 10 (invigorating music and cheerful hosts, news releases, smiling jokes and gifts)
  2. Uniting Information Bureau started at 7:10 (Novosibirsk News)
  3. Star forecasting 7-40 (astrological forecast for Novosibirsk)
  4. Is-Contact 8-10 (interactive show with gifts)
  5. Steering 8-25 (about traffic jams and traffic jams, traffic jams and traffic situations in Novosibirsk)
  6. Flying ducks 8-40 (unique news and jokes)
  7. New Year's Bazaar 9-10 (a game in which you listen to congratulations and guess the language in which they sound)
  8. All type-top 9-40 mon, Wed, Fri (Best top songs, events and things)

"Catch the wave on 100.7 FM" - Uniton Radio

Topics and programs for all students of Uniton:
  • SMS on air
  • The Johnson Brothers
  • Evening mix
  • Editor's Choice
  • There is an exit
  • Uniton Campus
  • Easy morning
  • Meter per Meter
  • Women and Men ... (M / F)
  • Rain Musical
  • On the Strings of Childhood
  • At last
  • Not at night In the evening with A. Kharitonov
  • Mixes New Year
  • New Year's dance floor
  • News
  • Contacts with Veselov
  • Dancefloor 54
  • Shawk
  • Congratulations Express
  • I saw it, I was here

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Radio Uniton 100.7 FM Russia
Contacts radio Uniton:
SMS = 14 rubles. On the 5522 "*message"
Tel: (383) 3357205

05.08.2017 Radio Uniton 100.7 FM Novosibirsk — RU
Слухати Юнітон радіо - українською
Слушать Uniton radio - на русском

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