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Music plays in the style of Rock 1980-90 1990 Quick Overview: Favorite Petersburg songs. Under the sound of the guitar are beautiful and strong words with a northern character. This live music sounds on the radio 100.9 FM. Listen and you will like. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Piter FM.
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Radio comes from the northern "capital" of Russia. He is broadcasting in St. Petersburg at a frequency of 100.9 FM. On the wave of St. Petersburg radio you can listen to authorial, rock and pop music. Famous singers anneal Russian rock hits!
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Broadcast frequencies Piter FM:

104.6 FM Volkhov
89.9 FM Vyborg
106.2 FM Kingisepp
106.1 FM Kirishi
104.7 FM Meadows
106.4 FM Tikhvin
100.9 FM St. Petersburg

Broadcasts on the air Radio Piter FM:

Men's cuisine - everything about food and cooking (20:30 on weekdays, days off 11:30).
Garage - information and news about cars (8:30 and 12:30).
Sports Petersburg - broadcast and discussion of matches (the program goes during the sporting events).

Radio Piter FM listen online live. Excellent broadcast quality. Soulful music sounds for all listeners around the clock. Your favorite author's songs are always available on the real St. Petersburg radio.

Contact Radio PITER FM:
St. Petersburg, Russia, 199406
T.G. Shevchenko Street, App 27
Tel. (812) 325-68-06,
Email: dankov@m10m.ru

05.06.2021 Radio Piter FM SPB — RU
Слухати Пітер ФМ - українською
Слушать Piter FM - на русском

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