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Music plays in the style of news 1990 Quick Overview: Voronezh radio, regional radio station. Listen to light modern music, gold hits of the twenty-first century. The most popular compositions of world famous musicians. Fresh news, unique dialogues and reports, interesting on-air interviews, thematic consultations of regional experts, the best selection of excellent music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Guberniya Voronezh.
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Radio station Guberniya Voronezh live

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Description Guberniya Voronezh

Radio Gubernia in Voronezh at 100.7 FM

Russian commercial radio wave. For the first time we went on air in Voronezh and the region in 2013. English-language songs and good melodies sound round the clock. If you adore to learn the news first, listen to interesting programs, interview, then you are on the right wave.
In the rhythm of life! The pulse of our city - Guberniya radio

Frequency of broadcasting by cities:

  • Voronezh 100.7 FM
  • Novokhopersk 91.1 FM
  • Ostrogozhsk 103.3 FM

Good music, interesting programs, pleasant hosts.

List of programs on air radio Gubernia:

  • News of the province
  • Orthodox hour
  • Just life
  • Sarafan radio
  • Special Feature
  • Chronograph
  • And it was so ...
  • Actual interview
  • Delicious radio
  • Sunday School
  • Sunday guest
  • Sport time
  • Good morning
  • Hot lunch
  • Long waves
  • Picture with sound
  • Crescendo

Radio Guberniya Voronezh
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Contacts radio Gubernia:
Country Russia
Voronezh city
Zip / Postal Code: 394000
Karl Marx street, 67 "B"
Sales department:
Telephone for advertising: +7 (473) 290-07-07
Studio live broadcast: +7 (473) 253-07-08

07.08.2019 Radio Guberniya Voronezh — UA
Слухати Губернія Вороніж - українською
Слушать Guberniya Voronezh - на русском

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