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Music plays in the style of pop 2000 1990 1980-90 disco Quick Overview: Listen to Online Radio in the wake of Dacha best songs and songs of the Soviet Union, as well as the fruits of creativity popular contemporary artists of Russia and the former Soviet Union.
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Pretty young Russian wave, which enjoys great popularity among fans of the national art scene.
Listen to the radio Cottage (Moscow) since 2006 can be at a frequency of 105.2 FM.

The musical part of the ether is filled with the best compositions of the USSR, as well as creative works of contemporary artists of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Describing music format radio Hut, not to mention the names of the artists whose songs are in the biggest popular with local listeners: Sofia Rotaru, Julia Mikhalchik, Alla Pugacheva, Denis Maidan, Philip Kirkorov, Blixa Bargeld, Love Assumption, Joseph Kobzon Rada Rai, Irina Allegrova, Ani Lorak, Yuri Antonov, Stas Peha, Natasha Koroleva, Valery Meladze Leshchenko, Anna Herman, Edita, Christmas tree and many others.

Besides his native Russian man music on the radio and listen to the lodge can enjoy more than 10 opinion programs, among which each listener will find your favorite . Useful information, secrets of success, new and legendary names of domestic music and more you will learn in regular programs: "Disco Villa", "Song of the Year", "History Song", "Success Stories", "Favorite songs of your favorite artists", "Stories love", "Honestly the useful", "Lucky hour", "Top Ten", "Secrets of fate", "City of Fortune".

Leading authors of these programs: Sergei CHernousov, Eugene Sirota, Christina Granik, Dennis Chudaev Natalia Selihova Denis Levashov Andrey Makeev, Ilya Murom .

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