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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Listen to "Radio 1" in Moscow at a frequency of 68.84 VHF. You can also hear in the regional centers of the Moscow region. Interesting author's programs and normal music, there are advertising podcasts. Podmoskovnaya radio station broadcasts for all listeners pop music and news releases. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
First radio near Moscow.
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Radio 1 MSK news

State radio station from Moscow region. First broadcast on July 1, 2016. "Radio 1" broadcasts in Moscow and the metropolitan region at a frequency of 68.84 VHF, at FM frequencies in 11 cities of the region.
You can listen around the clock, interesting headings with advice and a good selection of popular music of the 90's.
The first near the most current news of the Moscow region — Radio-1 News

List of cities and frequencies of broadcast:

  • Volokolamsk 106.8 FM
  • Dubna 95.8 FM
  • Zaraysk 106.5 FM
  • Kashira 89.8 FM
  • Kolomna 94.2 FM
  • Naro-Fominsk 89.7 FM
  • Orekhovo-Zuevo 89.3 FM
  • Podolsk 91.7 FM
  • Serpukhov 98.2 FM
  • Taldom 106.8 FM
  • Shatura 105.1 FM

Additionally, you can listen on VHF at a frequency of 66.44 on Radio Russia.

List of programs on the air near Moscow:

  • News.
  • To be a farmer.
  • Business lunch.
  • Pain syndrome.
  • To be a farmer.
  • Hot Mondays.
  • Country life.
  • Overhaul.
  • Kiem rhyme.
  • Lectures.
  • Menu in Russian.
  • Our everything.
  • Halftone.
  • Simple economy.
  • Sarcasm show.
  • It's time!
  • Yabed - show.

Radio1 news Moscow Russia
On Radio-1, listen to informative programs and good music. The broadcast channel is mediocre 96 kb / s. Listen to the radio of the whole world online on Radio BestradioFM.
Contacts of radio station Radio1:
Country Russia
Moscow city
Pyatnitskaya Street, 25, building 1
Zip / Postal Code: 115184
Advertising: +7 (495) 660-22-17
Studio: +7 (495) 252-01-12
Information service +7 (495) 242-01-17

07.11.2021 Radio1 news — RU
Слухати Перше підмосковне Радіо 1 - українською
Слушать First radio near Moscow - на русском

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