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Music plays in the style of pop 2000 Quick Overview: Musical content youth wave consists of modern hits and best songs period mid nineties and early 2000s are aired radio - Intervolna. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Intervolna Chelyabinsk.
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Description Intervolna Chelyabinsk

Intervolna - radio pioneer space of the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Broadcasting music and entertainment wave began a long time ago - in 1992.
Listen to the radio Intervolna in Chelyabinsk and surrounding communities within 100 km are at frequencies 102,9 FM and VHF 66.74.

Musical content youth wave consists of modern hits and best songs period mid nineties and early 2000s. Such an approach to filling ether drew attention to the radio as connoisseurs proven musical masterpieces, and people looking for the new and progressive trends in the music industry.

Chelyabinsk NE 66.74
Chelyabinsk FM 102,9

 But music is not all, for that love and appreciate radio Intervolna in Chelyabinsk. First of all, you need to focus on the entertainment part of the broadcast. On the radio, you can listen to regular Intervolna copyrights transmission take part in a wide variety of games, contests and more. Highest ratings Chelyabinsk wave bring the following: time of greetings and congratulations "Interactive", "full-up", a weekly radiochart "Interparad" super-project "dancing 90" and many others.

 Intervolna also is an excellent guide and a "diagnostician" wondrous city Chelyabinsk, because information is the focus here is on life in his hometown: what happened, where to go to relax, the next important event - all this can be heard on the radio station. At the same time, it does not forget about the most important events in the country and the world, that too much important.

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22.02.2022 Radio Intervolna Chelyabinsk — RU
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